Playing Golf

How many times have you stood on the course during the game and all your thoughts
were focused on what you didn’t want? For example, “I don’t want to hit it in the
hazard.” “I don’t want to screw up this shot because my last shot was awful.” I don’t
want…I don’t want….does this sound familiar?

When you focus on what you don’t want can you guess what happens? Yep. You most
likely will get what you don’t want.

Jack Nicklaus is quoted as having said, “Sometimes the biggest problem is in your
head. You’ve got to believe you can play a shot instead of wondering where your next
bad shot is coming from.”

He is right. You are your greatest friend or your worst enemy when you step out to play
the game.

Many golfers buy the most expensive clubs they can hoping the clubs will improve
their game without realizing that their success or failure on the course begins with their

How you chose to look at your game can really make a difference. Do you have to win?
Do you tell yourself, even before the game starts, what score you are shooting for? If
you are focused on the end results then how can your mind be present, in the now, to
play effectively?

Golf is a game of recovery. You can have 3 bad swings, nail the 4th and still do well.
But let me ask you this. How well do you let go of the bad swings? Do you continue to
hold on to the previous swing? If so, how does that strategy work for you in the end?

Golfers love the challenge of the game and that is why they play. The challenge
lies within the course itself and not the other players. Golf courses are designed to
challenge you. If golf were that easy, would you be out there each weekend?

I invite you to think about how you think when you step on the course. Are you present?
Are you playing without expectations? Are you relaxed? How confident are you? Is your
confidence based on how well you played?

Jack Nicklaus attributes his success to hypnosis. Hypnosis is a great tool to help you
overcome limiting beliefs, to always remain confident, help with creating a relaxing
swing and helping you to always believe you can do it.

Go from a love/hate relationship to a love/love one and see your improvement.