The Mind is Amazing & Fascinating

The mind is an amazing and fascinating part of any human. The power of the mind is something that has, yet, to be fully discovered. The idea that we use only 10% of our brain is just a myth. Evidence points to the fact that we really do use 100% of our brain throughout the day.

I think the real questions are:

1) Do we use our brain to it’s highest potential each and every day?

2)  How much of what we do each day is unconscious?

Remember when you first started to drive? For me it was an incredibly nervous time because I had to remember so many things. I had to remember to check the mirrors, keep a safe distance, to keep my eyes moving to note what other drivers were doing. When I reached my destination, I was so exhausted because of all the things I needed to watch out for when driving. But now, driving is so automatic, that I can relax and enjoy the ride (except when traveling the Los Angeles freeway system!) I believe that because of my years of experience with driving, my subconscious takes over because it knows what I need to do when I drive.

So much of what we do each day does not really require much, or if any, conscious thought. We are sort of in auto-pilot. We just do it. Is that our subconscious taking over? I think so. Here is why.

Let me use this example. You have just begun an argument with your partner. He is yelling at you as he tries to get his point across. When the yelling began, your breathing starts to get more rapid, your heart starts racing and you want to run and hide. Now go back to when you were a child. Think about when your Mother or Father started to yell at you. Did you breathing increase, did your heart race? Did you want to run and hide? If so, then are you truly reacting to your partner yelling at you or are you reacting to the mere fact of yelling? Chances are you are reacting to the yelling because you associate those feelings with being yelled at as a child. After all, if you were using the conscious part of your brain, you could reason with the yelling. Instead, your reaction of breath, heart rate and wanting to run and hide was automatic.  In essence, you were responding out of a learned association.

So much of our daily life is about learned responses to our existence.  So much of who we are is tied to our past and childhood. If you mind created it, it can uncreate it. Plain and simple.

This is where hypnosis has been proven to be an invaluable tool. Through hypnosis, one can connect with the subconscious and change patterns of behavior and negative thinking through the use of positive suggestions that, over time, the subconscious will embrace.




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