Hypnosis and Sports

Many athletes spend an extraordinary amount of time working on their game. However, they spend very little time in understanding how the mind plays into their performance. Many athletes believe that just by consciously telling themselves to stay focused, stay calm, or to relax, is enough to change their game.  John Kappas, a well-loved hypnotherapist and expert in the field of hypnosis once said, “The subconscious mind can perform the task 100 times better than the conscious mind can.” Let’s take the game of baseball. The baseball player has practiced the art of hitting literally thousands of times. On a subconscious level, his muscles and body know exactly what to do. However, if he starts to “think” about what he is doing, then what the subconscious knows is overridden with the over thinking of the conscious  mind and he finds that he is not achieving the results he desires.   Athletes also can find themselves in a pickle because of trying too hard. They believe that force will ultimately win out and forget about the finesse of their game. Being relaxed, fluid and focused is what is necessary. Many athletes find that they go in and out of the zone. Have you ever wondered what the zone is? Have you ever questioned what the zone is? I believe that “the zone” is simply the subconscious coming forward and doing what it knows how to do. How do we change our behavior? How can we reach our goal of being an athlete of excellence? If our subconscious mind is so powerful, then how do we change our “mind script”? We can affect positive change through the use of hypnosis. Hypnosis allows one to place positive thoughts into the subconscious to affect life long changes in your mind script. Through hypnosis, we can finally break the “thinking habits” that have brought us to where we are now. Through hypnosis, we can gain more focus, confidence, calmness, and creating the ability, within ourselves, to spend more time “in the zone.”

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