Self Confidence

What does self confidence mean to you? Chances are you might just have to sit and ponder that question for a few moments. For some it means being able to walk into a room full of people feeling comfortable and at ease with yourself. For others it could mean having  the confidence when talking to a room full of people.

We all have areas in our lives when an extra boost of “confidence” could come in handy.  So let’s take a look at what confidence really means. Better yet, let’s define confidence so that we can understand it better.

Confidence is mastery over a given situation or set of circumstances.

We all know that the more you do something the better you become.  When you were a child and learned to ride bicycle, it was a nervous and fearful time. Remembering to keep the wheels straight, balancing your body so that the bike did not tip over was particularly difficult. Knowing how to slowly stop the bike so you did not fly over the handlebars could be tricky. Then suddenly, with trial and error, you mastered it! Now you had obtained confidence in writing a bicycle because you mastered the bicycle. Now, apply this thinking to the things in your life that you have not mastered. Is there where you lack confidence? Is this where you are most fearful? If this is the case, then think about ways you can create mastery over the situation. One way to help with this is through hypnosis. With various tools available to the hypnotherapist, they can help you attain mastery over things in your life where you are not confident

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